First Class Travel
for Your Horse*

We are the premier choice to ship your horse by air. We personally handle every aspect of your horse's travel to address their specific needs for a comfortable and safe journey.

* We don’t just ship horses! We can ship any large animals to domestic or international destinations along with any equipment you may require upon arrival.

HorseFly Barn

Our Facilities

  • Federally Approved Quarantine Farm
  • 15 Minutes from Hamilton International Airport
  • 45 Minutes from Pearson International Airport
  • Large 25 Stall Barns with two wash bays in each barn
  • Foaling Stalls
  • Spacious Daytime Paddocks (All horses are turned out each day)
  • High Quality Hay Provided
HorseFly Barn
Loading HorseFly Stall

Our Equipment

  • Unique Two-horse Stall Custom Design
  • Truck and 15-Horse Trailer
Loading HorseFly Stall
HorseFly International

“Everyone at HorseFly has your animal’s best interests at heart, first and foremost.”

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